It’s really easy! Share on Facebook any of our products, send us a link or a picture with your post and we will give you a 5% discount for your order!
Please note, the discount is offered only for Facebook shares, not for the other platforms on the page!

You can see below an image with the button you need to press to share a product. This button is present on each product’s page, after the specifications:

Share products and get discount

Do you want a bigger discount?

We will give you another 5% discount on your next order if you add a review to Facebook or Google after receiving our products. On your next order, if you also share one of our products, you will get a total discount of 10% (5% for the review and 5% for the share)!

Here are the links where you can add reviews:

Facebook: click here to add a review
Google: click here to add a review (there is a button to add a review on the right side of the page)

Please note that we only give discounts for positive shares and reviews :)
If you already have another discount from us, we will only apply the highest discount (discounts do not cumulate).

This promotion is available only for a limited time.