Mobile Bar Flight Case 1Mobile bar flight case, built to be easily assembled by 2 people in about 7-10 minutes or by a single person in about 12-15 minutes. The whole assembly process does not require special tools, only using butterfly screws for which we provided you with a special compartment in the flight cases so you can be sure that you do not lose them.

The bar case is compact when it is closed (930 x 600 x 330 mm) and lightweight, weighing only 38 kg.

We only used premium components from Adam Hall and Penn Elcom and 9.5 mm thick birch plywood, so you can be sure that the mobile bar will last in time.

Mobile Bar Flight Case 2

Mobile Bar Flight Case 3

Equipped with corner wheels, it can be easily carried by one person. Using the two handles on each side you can easily put it in the trunk of the car and you can even carry it on stairs. However, we recommend that it is transported by two persons when the wheels cannot be used.

The small dimensions of the bar case allow you access through the smallest doors and it can fit into the elevator so it can be used even in office buildings without a freight elevator.

Mobile Bar Flight Case 4Mobile Bar Flight Case 5This mobile bar flight case comes with the following accessories:

– 580 x 330 x 150 mm (WxDxH) holder for bottles, optionally coated with high density foam.
– 1 large plastic container for ice (295 x 145 x 150 mm).
– 4 small plastic containers for fruits and other ingredients (145 x 135 x 150 mm).

Mobile Bar Flight Case 6The bar case can be easily customized with your logo or the client’s on the two large plates in front.

Assembled, this mobile flight bar has the following dimensions:

– Working table at a height of 920 mm with a length of 1,600 mm and a width of 550 mm.
– Serving table at a height of 1,220 mm with a length of 1,600 mm and a width of 300 mm.

Mobile Bar Flight Case 7All the elements and accessories are fixed inside the bar case so it’s not necessary to transport or store them separately in other boxes. The bar case fits into the trunk of an average car, taking up much less space when storing it and you will make a single trip from the car to the assembly place without having to come back for other boxes.

SPECIFICATIONS for Mobile Bar Flight Case:

– 9.5 mm birch plywood “Baltic Birch Plywood”, optional hexa coating

– 30×30 mm aluminium extrusions

– Heavy duty galvanised square steel corners

– 4 recessed galvanised steel handles

– 8 heavy duty recessed galvanised steel butterfly catches

– 4 heavy duty galvanised steel hinges

– 2 corner wheels

– Optionally, customised logo through engraving or stencil process

– Optionally, any RAL colour