Liftket 1T – 1000 kg Single Hoist Flight Case, built for storing and easily transporting an electric chain hoist Liftket 1T – 1000 kg. Extremely robust, it offers a high resistance and protects chain hoists from strikes. Facilitates easy chain and bag placement thanks to its dedicated spaces.
Flight cases can be stacked and are of standard size for truck and van loading.
The Liftket 1T – 1000 kg Single Hoist Flight Case is built from 10 mm Baltic birch plywood on the outside and 18 mm Baltic birch plywood for the dividers and holders.

SPECIFICATIONS for Liftket 1T – 1000 kg Single Hoist Flight Case:

– 10 mm birch plywood “Baltic Birch Plywood”, optional hexa coating

– 30×30 mm aluminium extrusions

– Heavy duty galvanised steel corners

– 8 recessed galvanised steel handles (optionally, only 4 handles on the sides)

– 1 heavy duty recessed galvanised steel butterfly catch with auto push-down function

– 1 heavy duty galvanised steel lid stay with 90 degrees opening stop

– 2 heavy duty galvanised steel hinges

– 1 recessed large label dish, galvanised steel

– 4 heavy duty galvanised steel Castor Dishes for stacking

– Heavy duty blue wheels (up to 450kg) of 100 mm (2 with brakes, 2 without)

– Optionally, customised logo through engraving or stencil process

– Optionally, any RAL colour

This isn’t the model you were searching for? Check out our list of chain hoist flight case or send us the details and we will get back with a custom proposal for you.