Chain Hoist Flight CaseWe are the biggest chain hoist flight case manufacturer in Romania, exporting more than 70% of our production to EU countries. Our flight cases are designed by engineers with relevant experience in the field of technical equipments, using only top quality components from Adam Hall and Penn Elcom. The production process is automated and it is assisted by CNC technology, giving a precise technological flow. We can offer you the best solutions for protecting your chain hoists, even in eXtreme conditions.

Our quality is our business card. Our prices, compared to the same quality, are almost unbeatable.

All chain hoist flight cases are built from 10 mm Baltic Birch Plywood with a hexa diamond coating for better scratch protection. More colours are available upon request.
The dividers and holders are made from 15 or 18 mm Baltic Birch Plywood and we use only heavy duty large components from the most respected manufacturers in Europe. Properly used, this flight cases will last you a life time and we back this with a 5 year warranty!

The flight cases can be personalised through engraving or stencil process and can be adjusted or redesigned to match your needs.

The list below is a work in progress, so if you can’t find your chain hoist flight case here, do send us a message with the details and we will get back quickly with a custom proposal for you.

SPECIFICATIONS for Chain Hoist Flight Case:

– 10 mm birch plywood “Baltic Birch Plywood”, optional hexa coating

– 30×30 mm aluminium extrusions

– Heavy duty galvanised steel corners

– Recessed galvanised steel handles

– Heavy duty recessed galvanised steel butterfly catches with auto push-down function

– Heavy duty galvanised steel lid stays with 90 degrees opening stop

– Heavy duty galvanised steel Castor Dishes for stacking

– Heavy duty blue wheels (up to 450kg) of 100 mm (2 with brakes, 2 without)

– Optionally, customised logo through engraving or stencil process

– Optionally, any RAL colour