Midas PRO2 CC IP-TP Touring Flight Case designed to provide both protection for the equipment during transportation and storage as well as utility due to the dock house, sliding keyboard tray and wheels.
Constructed from 9 mm and 15 mm Baltic birch plywood and protected with composite density protective foam of 30-50 mm thickness.

SPECIFICATIONS for Midas PRO2 CC IP-TP Touring Flight Case:

– 9 mm birch plywood “Baltic Birch Plywood”, optional hexa coating

– 30×30 mm aluminium extrusions

– Heavy duty galvanised steel corners

– 14 recessed galvanised steel handles

– 8 heavy duty recessed galvanised steel butterfly catches

– Heavy duty blue wheels (up to 450kg) of 100 mm (2 with brakes, 2 without)

– Optionally, customised logo through engraving or stencil process

– Optionally, any RAL colour